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The Sightseeing Car series is customizable according the customer’s requirements; the following types are most common and available at present:

All-closed type

Based on the open type, the all-closed type with dismountable doors are steel framed structure combined sheet metal and tempered glass can effectively keep wind and rain outside but without losing view.

The all-closed type includes electric model WLD2081, WLD2111 and gasoline model WLQ5080, WLQ5110. The cabin warmer is optional for gasoline model to meet the requirements of low temperature.


It is convenient to get in and off, and safer compare to the open type to enjoy the scenery along the way.


It will be a competent assistant for police, security and city management system, and it is suitable for public security patrol, etiquette escorting and handy service for the public.

Cargo transportation

It is suitable for rapid transit service at the airport, station, in the hotel, factory and other public areas, easy to load and discharge, will become a beautiful scene in these areas and making customers impressed for the services.

Passenger and Cargo delivery

It can meet the requirements of passenger and cargo carrying, for one vehicle with two applications can lower the cost and improve the efficiency.

Food Delivery

It can meet the requirements of rapid food delivery at airport, station, in hotel, factory and scenery spots.


Customer case

  • 5 Seats+Rear Cargo Box
    5 Seats+Rear Cargo Box
  • All-closed
  • Patrol Car-1
    Patrol Car-1
  • Patrol Car-2
    Patrol Car-2
  • Patrol Car-3
    Patrol Car-3
  • Rear Cargo Box-1
    Rear Cargo Box-1
  • Rear Cargo Box-2
    Rear Cargo Box-2
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