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Wuling Sightseeing Car series are designed and manufactured based on Wuling’s experience of vehicle design and manufacturing for more than 30 years.

Electric Sightseeing Car

Wuling Electric Sightseeing Car series configured a powerful DC series excitation motor, its rated power is 5KW, and its max torque is 75N.m, it is technically mature, stable and reliable. Rear motor rear drive layout.

Chilwee maintenance-free lead-acid power battery with long lifespan, high capacity, environment-friendly, good high-rate discharge performance, good low-temperature discharge performance and good heavy load discharge performance to ensure the long cruising range.

American Curtis motor controller, widely used in the low-speed vehicle industry is stable and reliable, the efficiency≥96%

The electricity consumption for a fully discharged vehicle to be recharged to full is about 13kwh.

The Electric Sightseeing Car series include 8 seats model WLD2081, 11 seats model WLD2111 and 14 seats model WLD2140, and they are customizable according customers’ requirements.



WLD2060 WLD2081(48V) WLD2081(72V) WLD2111 WLD2111SP WLD2140

Passenger Capacity 5 8 11 8 14

Seats Layout 2+3 2+3+3 2+3+3+3 2+3+3 2+3+3+3+3

Key Components Controller 48V American Curtis Electronics Controller

Motor 48V 4KW 48V 4KW 72V 5KW

Battery 48 V 150 Ah(C3) 48V 180Ah (C3) 72V 200Ah (C3) 72 V 200 Ah(C3) 72 V 200 Ah(C3)

Charger On-board charger, charging time: 8-11 hours Off-vehicle efficiency charger, charging time: 8-11 hours

Size Overall Dimension (mm) 3350×1530×1870 3995×1600×2090 4615×1600×2090 5270×1600×2115

Wheelbase (mm) 2130 2615 3235 3235

Tread(mm, F/R) 1280/1290 1415/1340

Carrying Capacity(kg) 510 680 935 935 1190

Curb Weight(kg) 800 1120 1265 1350 1360 1450

Performance Min Turning Diameter(m) 9.5 12.2 14.2 15

Min Clearance(mm, fully loaded) 150 118 118 120

Grade Ability(°,fully loaded) 10 13 13 10

Max Speed(km/h) 30 30

Cruising Range(km) 80 70 110 100 ≥100

Transmission Single gear with constant ratio

Brake Front disc/ Rear drum

Steering Pinion and rack Pinion and rack, electric power steering

Tyre 165/70R13 175/70R14LT

Customer case

  • Chongqing Longevity lake
    Chongqing Longevity lake
  • The sea of bamboos in Yibing
    The sea of bamboos in Yibing
  • Zhuzhou vocational schools area
    Zhuzhou vocational schools area
  • YarluZangbu River
    YarluZangbu River
  • Yaan Panda Base
    Yaan Panda Base
  • Xibaipo
  • Cloud mountains park in Wuhan
    Cloud mountains park in Wuhan
  • The city of three kingdoms in Wuxi
    The city of three kingdoms in Wuxi
  • Weihai Huaxia City
    Weihai Huaxia City
  • Shijiazhuang Jinshan Scenic Spot
    Shijiazhuang Jinshan Scenic Spot
  • WLD2111SP
  • WLD2111SP
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