Wuling Liuji is provided with advanced equipment such as German BMD air blast modeling production line, Italian Savelli modeling line, multi-functional industrial robot and iron mould sand coated casting production line. It is provided with advanced quality inspection technologies such as German OBLF direct-reading spectrum analyzer, Italian GNR Meterlab-75/80 direct-reading spectrometer and density equivalent meter.

It mainly produces engine 3C parts such as gasoline engine cylinder workblank, cylinder head workblank and crankshaft workblank.



Execution Standard of the Materials and Products


Black Casting

Product Material

Material Mark


Gray Iron

HT250 and materials corresponding to other standards

Cylinder, flying wheel, etc.

Ball Iron

QT600, QT700, QT800,QT900 and materials corresponding to other standards

Crankshaft, etc.


Non-ferrous Casting

Product Material

Material mark


Aluminum alloy

ZL101, AC4B and other aluminum silicon alloy

Cylinder head, etc.


Cylinder Workblank Capacity

Casting Technology

Sand Casting Technology


Chinese material standard HT250-HT300 and materials corresponding to other standards


950,000 pcs/year


Cylinder Head Workblank Capacity

Casting Technology

AC4B aluminum silicon alloy


60,000 pcs/year


Crankshaft Workblank Capacity

Casting Technology

Iron model sand casting technology


QT700-QT850 and materials corresponding to other standards


450,000 pcs/year


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